Type of submarine:       Semi-dry, ambient pressure

Crew:                            1 pilot

Length:                          7 feet 8 inches

Width:                            72 inches (including thrusters)

Weight:                          Equipment loaded approx. 1,100 lbs.

Max operating depth:    Recommended 100 feet

Max speed:                    Approx. 3 mph

Propulsion:                     2 DC thrusters with combined thrust of 80 lbs.

​Power source:               1 VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) gelled electrolyte.                                            

                                                       12 volt 225 amp. hr. battery.  Battery upgrades possible in   

                                       the future.  Subs with tethered AC power are also possible.

Life support:                  Four 80 cubic foot aluminum scuba tanks, three of which have

                                                       independent regulators to breath from and one tank is used for

                                      sub functions.  one tank is equipped with a 20 foot extension

                                      regulator hose.

Communications:           All three subs are equipped with Ocean Technologies System 

                                                        (OTS) AQUACOM SS-B 2010 units with custom headsets for

                                       use in air pocket environment (cockpit).  Push-to-talk unit has

                                       4 channels.  Allows sub-to-sub, sub-to-diver communications

                                       with compatible units and sub-to-surface base station.  We

                                       currently use an OTS 8 channel AQUACOM SS-B SURFACE


NOTE:                            Pilot can raise voice and talk directly to divers or cameras and

                                       can be heard quite well through the acrylic canopy.


Visual capabilities:          1 acrylic half-hemisphere dome, 1 rear and 2 side viewports.

Pilot exit/re-entry:           Pilot can land sub carefully on bottom, put on a scuba mask,

​                                       let air out of the cockpit and exit the sub using an extended

                                       regulator hose.  Pilot can re-enter sub, lock down canopy and

                                       restore air pocket by purging a regulator and resume journey. 


Hull material:                  Fiberglass-reinforced vinyl ester resin composite.

Component materials:    Stainless steel, engineered plastics, fiberglass composites.

SPECIAL NOTES:          A sub with side-scan sonar could exponentially increase the

                                       search capabilities of these vessels in low visibility conditions.

                                       If a tethered AC power system was installed, more powerful

                                       thrusters could be used, eliminating the need to stop for

​                                       battery charging.                         


                                                        Additionally, banks of high-powered lights could be added that 

                                       would drain any DC battery system quickly.  Fugusubs could 

                                       become relentless underwater search engines ideal for special

                                       ops.  Imagine the effectiveness of a coordinated group of them.